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Our Company’s policy in respect of the handling of Compensation Fund Claims is:

To ensure that the statutory documents are correctly completed and lodged;
To give a reasonable time for the Compensation Fund to attend to the lodged documents;

Should the Compensation Fund fail to adhere to their statutory obligation of administration, the rights of the medical supplier will then be enforced.

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The full outsourcing service

  • Registering of companies with the Compensation Fund, FEMA and Rand Mutual.
  • Letter of Good Standing.
  • Annual assessments and returns of earnings.
  • Claims registration, adjudication and tracking.
  • An annual fee of R2,500.00. This fee includes registration of a new business, return of earnings and assessments and letter of good standing.
  • Any claims occurring before date of contract will be invoiced for in the month of receipt at R500.00 (Five hundred rand) per claim.
  • New claim registration charged at R300.00 per claim and to be negotiated depending on the number of injuries sustained in a 12 month period.

New Company Registration with the
Compensation fund

  • Date on which first employee was employed.
  • Physical address of the company
  • Most recent CK2/MOI certificate
  • Copies of members’/directors ID’s
  • Nature of business
  • What materials and machinery is used
  • UIF registration number
  • Number of employees
  • Monthly wages total
  • Confirmation company banking details
  • Income Tax Registration number

Injury/claim Registration

  • Wcl2
  • Wcl4
  • Compensation fund reg no
  • Travel questionnaire
  • Assault questionnaire
  • ID copy of injured employee
  • Employee earnings
  • Payslip

Our services include the following:


We are of the opinion that proper training should be implemented at the medical providers who treat IOD patients, as well as training of the employers for the proper completion of the necessary primary documentation which will ensure prompt administration of medical accounts in respect of Compensation Fund Claims.Such training will be administered by our Company who will ensure that the medical suppliers receive proper training by experts in respect of the procedures, compiling documentation, as well as to answer on further enquiries from the Compensation Fund.

Completion of WCL2 and WCL4 Form

The first step to the reporting of an injury on duty is the completion of the WCL 2 form. Our Company will direct the completion of the aforesaid forms immediately after the incident occurred, which will ensure that the injury sustained by the employee was indeed an injury while he/she was on duty, and that same is properly reflected on the aforementioned form.If the documentation is not completed in accordance with the Act, then we will raise an enquiry with the employer and request him to rectify same.

Fee Structure

Please contact us for further information in regards to our fee structures.

Payment Enforcement

If we do not receive timeous payment in accordance with the Act, our legal department will liaise directly with the Legal Department of the Compensation Fund. They will be placed on terms for the payment of such claims. Our policy is to have a good relationship with the personnel of the Compensation Fund. However, we will weigh same against the rights that our clients enjoy in terms of Section 33 of the Constitution.Prior to approaching the Court, we will liaise with client and obtain instructions. However, it is our experience that the Compensation Fund responds positively towards our company.

Medical service providers

Please contact us for further information in regards to medical service providers.


We will ensure that the accounts of the medical supplier are within the barriers of the cost structures of the Regulations and will also advise clients on changes if any.

Lodge of documentation

Our company will ensure the uploading of all the relevant documentation to the necessary portals.


We also offer the discounting of the IOD claims on the terms and conditions as set out in our discounting contract. Kindly request our agent for a copy of same.

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